Investing in the future. Giving adequate support to product lines. Taking care of transport and logistic needs. Exploring new markets.

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Working with partners to achive the best results. Dutch speaking sales and support representation. Translation of Materials. Local payment and contact.

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Local Service

Local contact, sales and support for your products.

Local Payment

Providing fast, popular local payment methods to your potential customers. Making it convinient and cheaper.

Fast Deliveries (Logistics)

One day delivery on the local market without hassles. Saving cost and time.


We invest in your product by time, energie and money.

Ease and Convinience

We make it easy, hassle free without huge risks and investment.

New Market

Gain new market, we provide translation of manuals and dutch support and sales representatives.

One Team One Goal. Mutual Benefit!

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Expand your reach to the Netherlands. Partnership instead of high risky investment. We open up the market for your expansion, for your products to thrive on our market with little to no effort on your side.


  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Local Payment
  • Native Language
  • Investment in Promotion
  • Translations
  • Local Support / Sales Contacts
  • Fast Deliveries
  • Low cost for the Manufacturer

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